Premium Quality Oreva Flood Lights for Maximum Focus

Oreva has come up with its premium quality Oreva Flood Lights that are meant to give the maximum focus on the grounds and the stages as well. These are premium quality Oreva Flood Lights available at Trueshopee at an amazing price point. The flood lights consume minimum of 15 Watts of power and maximum capacity is 200 Watts. Thus, this helps you to choose your required watt flood lights as per the budget. Oreva manufactures LED flood lights for the better lighting and even light distribution. For more convenience, Oreva Flood Lights come in metal body as well for better longevity. Most of the flood lights even have 50000 hours of working life. The price will vary depending on the build material and wattage of the flood lights. As these flood lights are high in intensity, they can be used in the stage shows and stadiums both. Plus these are artificial LED lights that last for a quality period. The Oreva Flood Lights are IC driven LED Driver meaning that though the voltages of the flood lights vary from one product to the other, yet there is no difference in the quality or brightness of the lights. The lights are too florescent, consume low electricity and illuminate large wide spaces. All the flood lights from Oreva can be mounted either wise that is horizontally and vertically. The premium flood lights bear IP-65 which means that the lights have protection against dust and water. This ensures even better longevity. The metal based flood lights are made of aluminum. Oreva provides one year of Oreva warranty on the Oreva Flood Lights of all varieties. Flood lights from Oreva are available on Trueshopee at a huge discount and additional benefits like cash on delivery and free delivery.